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19 Ways to Get Asking Price for Your Hotel-Condo in Mammoth Lakes

If you want to sell your hotel-condo, you can play the price game all day long and still get nowhere.  Sellers will continue to lower their prices until they have the best real estate deal in Mammoth Lakes. Agreeing to a low offer is one way to make a sale, but it’s not the only way.

If you invest a little money back into your condo, it can pay off handsomely.

The Mammoth Lakes condos I am specifically talking about are: Juniper Springs Lodge, Sunstone Resort and Eagle Run as well as the following buildings in The Village:  White Mountain Lodge, Grand Sierra Lodge and Lincoln House. These are Mammoth’s classic condo-hotels that we built between 1999-2005 and many have begun to show their age.

If you’re like most owners, you’ve upgraded your box TVs to flatscreens and may have changed out mattresses, too.

To differentiate your unit, you have to do a little more. Do this correctly, and your investment will pay off in the form of higher offers than those for similar units that look a little antiquated around the edges.

Inexpensive staging ideas:

1.)    Replace dated bedding sets ($60 – $500), window curtains ($100 – $600) and shower curtains ($40 – $100) for something contemporary and different.

2.)    New paint colors on the walls. You can do this yourself for the cost of paint ($50 – $250) or hire a professional ($400 – $2,000)

3.)    Update the kitchen sink faucet with a modern style piece ($150 – $500) plus installation ($100).

4.)    Take out the original artwork that came standard with the condo and put in something fresh and different.  You can even use your own photos and frame them yourself.  ($200 – $3,000)

5.)    Change out couch throw pillows ($45 – $250)

6.)    Remove large boxy entertainment centers, especially units designed to hold a box TV.

7.)    Add a framed mirror to any small living area, especially if you can reflect a view, to create the feeling of more space. ($100 – $300)

8.)    Remove damaged furniture.

9.)    Change out floor lamps and table lamps for something modern. ($100 – $400)

10.)  Change bathroom lighting fixtures ($150 – $600)

11.)  Change headboards on the beds ($250 – $1000)

12.)  Add a chandelier in the dining area ($500 – $2500)

More Extensive Staging:

1.)    Install new carpet or wood floors ($3,000 – $6,000)

2.)    Install stainless appliances in the kitchen ($4,000 – $10,000)

3.)    Change outdated/ worn furniture, especially dining table sets ($800 – $10,000)

4.)    Replace doors with solid wood ($1,000 – $2,000)

5.)    Replace baseboard or add crown moulding ($1,500 – $3,500)

6.)    Update kitchen cabinets ($2,500 – $8,000)

7.)    Replace counters with granite in kitchen and baths ($2,000 – $10,000)