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Best Timing for Finding the Most Listings On the Market in Mammoth Lakes

listingsRecently some of my clients asked me: “What time of year will we find the most inventory available for sale in Mammoth Lakes?”  I have also wondered what our current market is doing and hence, another graph to show how many listings are hitting the market each month over the last year.  If combined with my most recent graph, “Sales During the Past 3 Years”, you will have a great way to know when to make your move into or out of our real estate market.

There have been 3 peaks for new Single Family Residence listings during the past 12 months, namely in the months of November, March and July, each with between 16-17 new home listings.  December is the month when the fewest number of homes came onto the market, with only 2 total new listings.  There is quite a bit of activity for single family home sales in Mammoth Lakes, even in the winter.

Condo Listings have peaked in June (36 new listings), July (46 new listings) and August (36 new listings).  Condo inventory is the lowest in November, just before ski season. This is typical every year as many condos will sell just before ski season when rental income is the strongest. 

Land Listings have peaked during August and June with 7 new listings on the market. Lots can be found year round for sale in Mammoth, but tend to peak in inventory early in the summer or late spring, once the snow has melted.  With the 6 month waiting period for town building permits, many people will make a purchase in late summer, then get plans to the town and begin building after winter.